Waste not; want not


I seriously love trees.  In fact, forested landscapes are on the top of the list of my favorites.  I remember the thrill of exploring the woods as a youngster at Girl Scout camp, and conquering that amazing (although not altogether safe) tree house in our neighborhood. At this writing (July), the leaves are fully out and lush green, and our eldest just did a preschool unit on trees with our two-year-old granddaughter.  The sooner she learns that trees are our friends, the better!

God evidently thinks so, too.  As the recently Continue reading “Waste not; want not”

Check the seed before pulling the weed!

garden lastOOPS…

That’s not an atypical comment in my gardening prowess. 

To begin with, there are only a few good things I can say about weeds, one of which is that they afford me at least a little exercise outside in the fresh air. I have some definite work to accomplish in that area, and with a bit of concerted effort, I should make some headway in today’s June morning.  But every once in awhile I’ll be out for something else and a particular unwelcomed green thing will catch my eye and up it will come.

I’m not well-versed in weed identification; if something is emerging where I didn’t plant it, it grows at its own peril.  Such was the case yesterday after coming home from church.  My eye targeted a shoot that didn’t belong, a seeming invader among my tender herbs and cukes.  Oh, the hubris of such an alien!  How dare this offensive intruder bury his tentacles into my soil, (such as it was…), gorging his rogue self on the much needed nutrients intended for my other dearies!  I did what any note-worthy gardener would do without thinking!!  I plucked it up by the root!


The seedling still bore the Continue reading “Check the seed before pulling the weed!”

And when the breezes blow….

wood 2

One of my daydreams is to have a tree house.  Yes, for me.  And I’m still waiting for it.  Is that so wrong?

There was this really amazing tree house when I was a kid; it was more of a neighborhood treehouse, and from my current adult-size perspective, it was probably both illegal (as in trespassing on someone’s land) and not entirely safe, (OSHA would have had a hey-day).  Truthfully, back then I doubt that anyone lost any sleep over it, including the adults.  (One of the few positives I can say about the 1970’s.)

But the tree was stout and strong, and best of all, from a kid’s point of view, really, really tall.  Tall enough to hold three stories of “house”; okay, so the third story was actually the roof of the second, but it sure took me a more Continue reading “And when the breezes blow….”

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