Madison Avenue Blues

Here’s a little ditty my husband wrote years ago.  I post this in response to a blog I follow at Hope Stands ( concerning a recent Super Bowl commericial.  I feel your pain:

Advertising slogans designed to persuade us to choose
Values that identify people by the products they use
Help to guarantee the consumer pays his dues.

Don’t you know the customer’s right, but he’s playing the game?
Habits can be modified; economic trends are explained,
Once the proper stimulus has the buyer trained.

The beautiful people they put on the spots
You know what they’re here for.
When you’re not responding to what’s in the shots
The sponsors have to show a little more…

Who can feel a sense of regret when the profits are high?
Marketing obscenity stimulate the public to buy.
And popular celebrities blindly lead the blind.

People like to follow the stars, if you know what I mean.
Are they more legitimate when you see them up on the screen?
Try to look just like them and hope that you’ll be seen.

They practice the angles and polish their lines
Production at its best.
They’re selling illusions, I hope you don’t mind,
But real life is where it comes to rest!

Sales are up, the ratings are high, and they’re keeping the score.
Strategists, predicting that you’ll be there in line to get yours,
Organize the programs that bring you back for more.

Exercise the right to decide where your money is spent.
Where you lay the silver down comes across as silent consent,
And what you choose to purchase is what you represent.

The timing is perfect for making a choice,
So how will you behave?
Your purchasing power can give you a voice,
Or turn you into just another slave….

Thanks for reading……dawnlizjones

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