Cwaazzy Wabbit!

garden last

In the early days of my gardening dreams, I went for what they say is one of the most popular and probably easiest-to-grow vegetables—tomatoes.  Who “they” are is irrelevant, but “they” clearly didn’t know my skill level. 

With typical enthusiasm, I plucked up a little plot and plopped in a few plants, I’d say about six inches tall.  I don’t remember what variety—red, I think–because with a least a few of them, I’m not sure I ever got to find out.  I would come to admire my work, and the fragile new limbs were being wantonly cut off!  Chewed off is a better description.   

It could be none other than that dastardly demon, that maleficent monster, that gorging gargoyle of gardens— Continue reading “Cwaazzy Wabbit!”

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