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Since my wonderful dad’s 86th birthday is fast approaching, I’m going to indulge with another account of his stint as an enlisted sailor in the USN.  I grew up wearing Dad’s old white seaman pull-over (I’m sure there was an official name for it; I should ask Dad), and even had one of his sailor hats, you know, the kind that turns up on the rim.  Something that I didn’t remember having, although I have since learned that it made the rounds throughout my many cousins as the years rolled by, was his dark blue, woolen Navy peacoat. 

Dad recounts a time when he and his buddies were all lined up out in the cold on a pier for inspection—by a visiting admiral!  (He impressed upon me that this was a pretty big deal.)  They were, naturally, all wearing the navy-issued peacoats.  As the big-wig perused the young men standing ram-rod straight (and probably hardly Continue reading “AT-TEEEEEENNNN-TION!!!”

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