The Importance of Being Ernest

woman-565127_1920I love that title movie based on the play by Oscar Wilde.  It’s a screwball comedy about mixed up identities and a starry-eyed young heroine who finally figures out who’s who.  And she’s quite earnest about figuring out who Ernest really is. 

If you haven’t seen it, do.  Good fun.

But the point is well taken, the importance of proper identity, that is.  The age old, “who am I really” with the corollary, “what’s actually going on here?” Continue reading “The Importance of Being Ernest”

Blogging Blast #3: Step right up—get your vaccinations here!


(So just what is a Blogging Blast??  — BLOGGING BLAST #3)

I have discovered a new disease. 

Well, I suppose it’s not new exactly, and I’m thinking I’m not the first to acknowledge it, not to mention personally suffer from its ill effects.  All humans are susceptible to this malady, but it tends to run rampant in prosperous societies and is particularly marked within the Christian demographic.  Even the most virulent strains leave no outward blemishes until the inward damage has been done…insidious that way.

I call it “The-Cart-Before-The-Horse-Syndrome”, and although the pandemic in recent memory would be from the 1970’s, unfortunate remnants remain today.  The pathology tends to progress thus: Continue reading “Blogging Blast #3: Step right up—get your vaccinations here!”

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