Interview with Ken Decroo, author of Almost Human

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Almost Human, a deliciously suspenseful action novel, is ready to be gobbled up by monster-loving readers everywhere!  To quote the back cover, this book is described as “a thriller where creatures with the enormous strength and power of a chimpanzee and the intelligence and size of a human are sought out and discovered in a remote compound in equatorial Africa.”  The cast of characters includes the curious combination of men and women with letters behind their names, experience in their professions, and secret agents hot on their heels.  University research professors joining with skilled animal trainers in a search for a fabled human/chimp hybrid species, leftovers of pre-World War II experimentation, leads them to encounters with circus performers, Hollywood movie personnel, shipwrecks, guns, and scary people you wouldn’t want your daughter to date.

Don’t worry, no spoilers here, but something even better!  Blogger and author of Almost Human, Ken Decroo, gives us a Continue reading “Interview with Ken Decroo, author of Almost Human”

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