Outstandingly Ordinary


James Birk is a math teacher in Great Britian.  This means that he is smart, but it also means you should read this with a British accent and it will make it even more impressive.  Be sure to check out his site at: http://jamesproclaims.com/  You are sure to come away smiling, and giggling…  (And don’t forget my “disclaimer” HERE.  Cheers!)


Why is being average
Never quite enough?
Why must we always strive
To be a cut above?

If everyone is better
Than what we call the norm
Then whoever defined normal
Was sadly misinformed

By its very definition
Mediocre is not bad
So it shouldn’t be a label
That makes us feel so sad

So if being ordinary is
Your most defining trait
Then surely that’s a reason
For you to celebrate?

© James Birk, used by permission, see his site at : http://jamesproclaims.com/

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