The Sanctuary

quillIt amazes me, awes me beyond my ability to appreciate, the fact that as beautiful as the sanctuary of God’s created universe is, we are now His sanctuary, His tabernacle, each of His disciples individually and collectively as his Church. How can that be?? And yet, He declares it to be so! (1 Corinthians 6:19,20) I don’t understand it, but who am I to argue?  Here is another beautiful Continue reading “The Sanctuary”

The Treehouse Book (and haiku)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I adore treehouses.  I want one…period.  When Jesus promised “I go to prepare a place for you”, I’m hoping mine’s way, way up in the branches with the birds.  So when my daughter and family sent me a book of treehouses, it only reminds and rekindles a longtime love.

Now, having said that, I found a poem embedded in said gift.  But first, allow me to set the stage with a few quotes from, what else?  The Treehouse Book*:

“This writer’s place of work is deep in seclusion.  Imagine a trip by canoe as the first part of the journey, through the woods to a stream; find the z-shaped plank bridge, then across a small island, to another wider stream crossed by a narrow, curving, single-planked bridge, and into the woods again to find the treehouse…Stewart says that his treehouse is snug at zero degrees or even 10 below.  It is a marvel to be gently swayed by the north wind as it rushes through his supporting hemlocks.”

This is writer Stewart Tarry’s office, a far-cry from a city cubicle.


Here are five different haiku by Stewart Tarry–

sorry, no phone—

out here the chickadees sing

from thin branches


halfway up

four thick hemlocks—

moon in the windows


sunrise dances

across my ceiling—

beavers swimming home


new shadow

across the floor—

first quarter moon


quiet enough

to hear a cat’s tongue

behind the woodstove

As always, click HERE for my non-poetical disclaimer, and thanks for visiting!

*Quoted from The Treehouse Book by Peter and Judy Nelson with David Larkin, Universe Publishing and David Larkin ©2000 New York


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