What goes bump in your night?


At Halloween, back in the day, (I won’t mention how many days, but it was quite a few), my great-grandmother crafted colored popcorn balls to hand out to trick-or-treaters as they came by.  Admittedly, I’m the Ebenezer Scrooge of this particular “holiday”, but even so, I remember my grandmother’s careful creations for her young un’s with great fondness.  Of course, you dare not bother to do that anymore; our societal/cultural changes have seen to that quite effectively.  Nowadays, one is expected to spend their next month’s house payment on overpriced bagged candy to rot the children’s teeth and add to the obesity pandemic.

I told you I was the Halloween Scrooge!

Nonetheless, there are important take-aways to be gleaned.  That is, we humans are primed for fear.  Sometimes Continue reading “What goes bump in your night?”

Good morning, Shelob

garden last

Once again, I almost met a spider face to face the other morning.  Yes, I tore the web down with a stick.  I don’t mind if she builds one over the compost pile to pick up as many flies as she wants, or on the garage wall by the picnic table and feast on the ample supply of mosquitoes.  Just not next to the light switch that I need each morning when I go outside, thank you very much!

So hello to the spider on her web (I say “her”, for those of us who may remember either Charlotte or Shelob), and as slight as it might seem, the gossamer tensile strength of the web is formidable, yet it undulates with the Continue reading “Good morning, Shelob”

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