Jesus Wept


My husband, Bob, will tell you that I’m all about stories with puppies and butterflies.  In other words, don’t give me drama unless there’s a happy ending.   (Here’s my disclaimer….)  Having said that, it might seem a bit incongruous for me to reblog this beautiful poem, but it continues to amaze me that God–in His sovereign wisdom and unfathomable love–gave us the power to break His heart.  Part of the good news, however, (spoiler alert!) I’ve read the last part of the Book, and we do have a happy ending.

A great offering by Susan Irene Fox, and check out her full site at

Lord Jesus, would You please reply

The world’s in strife, You can’t deny

We turn away from Your commands

And scorn becomes our newest stand; I hear You cry.


For those who still in grace believe

We ask Your healing to receive

For who from love will abdicate

Whose nations turn from love to hate; we hear You grieve.


Your Body now asunder torn

From accusation now is worn

The ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ denouncing calls

Not grace or love, no light at all; I hear You mourn.


It seems majority’s content

To claim their turf, in fact resent

Such talk of love, and grace they shun;

A pity too, because there’s none heed Your lament.


In spite of odds, hear Spirit deep

This gift of love and grace to keep

…and as we pray for open hearts

The gap continues, miles apart. And Jesus weeps.

Thank you, Susan, for allowing me to post this on my site!

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