Are the bagworms winning?

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What is it with these bag worm things??  Sheesh!  The trees around town look like Mordor. 

I am told by my gardening guru at work, that the weather conditions have been very friendly for the proliferation of these wicked creatures that are nibbling steadily away at what was to be my beautiful autumn color.

The good news, she tells me, is that no matter how bad the tree looks, the timing of this outbreak is just right in that the trees are shedding their leaves anyway, and this will take care of the problem before the trees are killed off.

Timing.  Hmmm. 

I’m not always real good with that concept.  We have a special word in English for what I’m feeling:


I’m not sure waiting gets all that much easier in adulthood than from when we were two.  Our expectations tend to Continue reading “Are the bagworms winning?”

Juggling life

One of my faves from Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson
One of my faves from Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson

I was graced one morning recently with a solitary leaf waiting for me on my picnic table.  No fanfare when it floated silently from its arboreal perch announcing, in the only way it could, the inevitability of autumn. 

Ahhhh! Autumn!  Probably my favorite of all seasons, and one of the many reasons I love living in the Midwest.  Summer here is the growing season, tending the crops through the challenging heat and sweat and too little or too much rain.  (Too much this year, BTW, just saying, in case you notice a price increase in all things wheat and corn…)

Now, however, we can anticipate beautiful trees, cooler temps, and the final big harvest before the dormant season kicks in.  The nights get longer, its own way of saying it’s time to rest more after a hard season of work.  And it’s time for the trees to shed their leaves, as they too must rest from the labor of growth in preparation for Continue reading “Juggling life”

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