Kingly Cave-dweller


I love people of action.  You know them, the “ready-aim-fire” types as opposed to the “ready-aim-aim-aim…” types.  (I read that on a dorm wall somewhere.  Love it.  There’s a third option that tends to describe my personality: “ready-fire-aim”.  But that’s for a different post.)  And David, the shepherd/king/song-writer certainly fit the bill of “ready-aim-fire”.  But being a man of action also meant that he was a man of many enemies as well.  Doing Continue reading “Kingly Cave-dweller”


Where’s the door?


Tolerance.  It’s the buzzword in everyone’s vernacular these days, and it’s bantered around like an explosive tennis ball.  It’s the holy grail of attitudes.  It’s the banshee of political careers. 

But no one appears to want to be tolerant of my apparent intolerance.

Of course, it hasn’t always been that way.  I am quick to agree that many intolerances are wicked—racial prejudice is at the top of my list.  But I’m really quite thankful that the Bostonians threw the British tea into the harbor (no offense intended to my Anglican readers), happy that Neville was replaced by Winston and that no one said “ho hum” concerning Pearl Harbor.  I’m also quite pleased that some guy Continue reading “Where’s the door?”

Interview with Ken Decroo, author of Almost Human

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Almost Human, a deliciously suspenseful action novel, is ready to be gobbled up by monster-loving readers everywhere!  To quote the back cover, this book is described as “a thriller where creatures with the enormous strength and power of a chimpanzee and the intelligence and size of a human are sought out and discovered in a remote compound in equatorial Africa.”  The cast of characters includes the curious combination of men and women with letters behind their names, experience in their professions, and secret agents hot on their heels.  University research professors joining with skilled animal trainers in a search for a fabled human/chimp hybrid species, leftovers of pre-World War II experimentation, leads them to encounters with circus performers, Hollywood movie personnel, shipwrecks, guns, and scary people you wouldn’t want your daughter to date.

Don’t worry, no spoilers here, but something even better!  Blogger and author of Almost Human, Ken Decroo, gives us a Continue reading “Interview with Ken Decroo, author of Almost Human”

A Calm, Relaxed Pace–A Characteristic of A Child of God

If you haven’t found this bloggish friend of mine, you really need to! And this particular post framed in her art hits home for me. Some people feel so sure of their calling for God, which is great. The only thing I’m confident of when it comes to this area of thinking, is that God has called me to be His friend, His daughter, His loving servant and much-loved “bride”, even when branches need to be pruned. And with that as my base, the sky’s the limit!

Doodling Devotionals

What God calls us to cannot be definitely stated, because His call is simply to be His friend to accomplish His own purposes.  Our real test is in truly believing that God knows what He desires.  The things that happen do not happen by chancethey happen entirely by the decree of God.  God is sovereignly working out His own purposes.  —Oswald Chambers

8_5_15_God's plan_#299I have found that when I have my own goals and purposes in mind, life seems out of control, rapidly paced and rarely restful–not to mention, I’m easily let down or discouraged when things don’t go as I planned.  Is it possible that the reason for that is because I’m not being a very good friend to God, I’m not walking with Him or even sitting with Him enough?  Could I be filling my time with “useful branches” of work or even relationships–branches that…

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“We were only 19 and invincible”

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My dad turns 86 next month.  He is the oldest in his family line, the patriarch, or “the Old Fart” as he prefers to call himself.  I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Mom and Dad over the summer and talk, just talk, about different things—family, politics, memories of when I was a kid.  But one the things I like best is getting Mom or Dad talking about when they were “younger”.  I say younger, since Mom and Dad somehow have refused to grow old, despite the inconveniences of the aging process on their physical flesh and blood equipment.

Who knows how the topic came up; doesn’t matter.  Dad began Continue reading ““We were only 19 and invincible””

Beware of Tag-a-longs


Saul/Paul has now found some acceptance, thanks to his new friend Barnabas, into the ranks of the Christian family in the town of Antioch. These were not spiritual lightweights pulling up chairs for a tea party.  Here’s the story: Continue reading “Beware of Tag-a-longs”

Back to the future, sort of


Microsoft Office Word 3.  Yep, that’s what it’s come to as I write this. 

It started a few weeks ago while we were vacationing with family on a mountain in Utah ten thousand feet up, give or take a football field.  Take home lesson: always know where the nearest ER is located, and/or have daughters go with you carrying their very smart phones with GPS.  As the old song goes, “I left my heart inSan Francisco”…but my appendix forever belongs to Utah.

I was the first thing to “break”.

We finally made it back home to southern Missouri, and not too Continue reading “Back to the future, sort of”


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What’s in YOUR salad?

garden lastAccording to somewhere on the un-impeachable wisdom of the internet, we are told that 55 grams of leafy dandelion greens (that’s about ¼ of a cup, again, ibid source of information) can supply 112% of our daily need for Vitamin A.  This, naturally, depends on several things:

  1. That our need for Vitamin A won’t be redefined in the near future, (like it’s cousin, Vit-D)
  2. That the internet is correct (a discomfiting assumption)
  3. That we can get past our aversion to eating what we all grew up calling “weeds”.

I should insert here that I have acquired a mildly humorous reputation at work as a health nut, that is, being willing to try otherwise unconventional things in the name of “wellness”.  I’m seriously not much of a cook, I use Continue reading “What’s in YOUR salad?”

Agabus, by any other name, would still be, um…different.


Agabus—now there’s a name you don’t hear very often, if ever.  He’s only really mentioned twice in the early church account of Acts, as a prophet, which means he was a bit open to doing unconventional things….but that’s a different story.

The first time we see him is in the town of Antioch in the middle of Continue reading “Agabus, by any other name, would still be, um…different.”