Home.  Now there’s a great word.  We are told that “home is where the heart is”, and so if a “picture paints a thousand words”, then here are a few do the job fairly well.  This blog comes out of both my heart and my home, “where the buffalo roam”, which describes not only the area of the Midwest where we live, but also the condition of my house at times. While I’ve been writing this, my husband, Bob, surfs the channels in the background between his cheesy monster movie and the Iowa/Michigan State NCAA game.  The tea pot next to me is empty and it’s night time in my small town.  We just weathered one of the “polar vortexes” or something like that, but it’s warm in our small house, and even warmer in our home, our hearts.  Hope you can join us throughout these pages.

Here’s a link for a quick look at some of I.W.A.’s “Greatest Hits”.

Thanks for visiting!  –dawnlizjones 


10 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. Just found your blog my sweet friend! You are a woman of much wisdom with some humor thrown in and I can’t wait to get started reading! Woohoo!


  2. Hey Dawn! Just stumbled on your IWA site. Really fun to read your posts and realize just how smart you really are. Very proud of you! (I’ll take some of the credit for your development having subjected you to the torture of adolescence in my presence, and an occasional nighttime Dairy Queen run). The folks loved your recent visit, home run! Lots of love, Brother Mark from MN

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    1. Wow! That is just so very encouraging and kind of you. Right now, I’m actually an award-free blog, but I still so very much appreciate the thought! More importantly, wondering how YOU are doing??


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