From our dear friend, Oneta


Hey, all!  Oneta had hip surgery but is on the mend!!   Here’s a quick update from the saint herself:

“It has been a rough three weeks and you have called it right. I’m tired; however the last three days I’ve been tired because of progress. That’s good. I’m on schedule to go home Friday. Mostly my brain has been a washout as well as my body. But through it all, God has been faithful. That is not just a triat statement. He has shown me one more reason for things that mystify regarding what sometimes appear “questionable “ about my extremely loving God. I hope I can share before long. He is so undeserving of the hate and distrust we lay at his feet. Share this with our friends in your own special way. Love you, Sweet Friends..”

Keep her in our prayers!!  Send her notes at her website: Sweet Aroma.

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