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And after I asked my question about the power of God, this shows up on my reader! Thanks, Mike!

New Hope for Dry Bones

Sometimes, when people want to hear me ramble on and on, they ask me about fishing. They figure if there is anything new going on, it probably has to do with me standing out in the water casting fly line as gracefully as my skills will allow.

I know a guy that likes to interrupt my fishing reports with a tale of his one day of fishing experience. I’m guilty of rolling my eyes as he tells the tale of not much but he wants so badly to dominate the conversation that he tries to sound like an expert because he went fishing once.

One thing is for sure, even though I am not an expert at any kind of fishing, since I get out there often and do it a lot, I don’t have to tell the same story over and over again. Even today as I type there…

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Love notes, and other uses for dust.

cartoon-2516951_1920As a teenager, I learned the basics of cleaning house.  Mom “made” us do our own laundry (thanks, Mom, so very, very much!!), and we were responsible for keeping our own rooms clean(-ish).  Dusting was part of it, and if you ran out of Pledge, then a damp rag would suffice.  

They say “practice makes perfect”, so leave us say I am a less-than-perfect housekeeper, much less. Whoever comes to visit should leave the white gloves at home.  Never quite sure what you’ll find under the bed either, and a flat dusty surface is for writing love notes,…isn’t it?

My not-quite-Heloise skill doesn’t make me less appreciative of God’s perfection, however.  Case in point, I love this description of the Baal vs. Yahweh encounter.  The prophets of Baal do all they can, and more so, to get their god to light the sacrificial fire on their alter, yet have nothing to show for it but raw hamburger. Continue reading “Love notes, and other uses for dust.”

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