I Gotta Question (#4)

I am one to know my resources, and use them as needed.  Therefore, this is not a manipulative ploy to get some “pingbacks” (Still not sure what that is?  I think it’s when someone links to your site?)  On the contrary, over the three (count ‘em, 3!!) years of blogging, I’ve come to trust some pretty cool writers that I’ve met only via the dot-wordpress-dot-com world.

Having said that, they have value, not only intrinsically as friends, but I also appreciate their instrumental value in terms of experiential wisdom and intellectual honesty.

And those are things in somewhat short supply, in case you haven’t noticed.

So, without further ado, I post yet another “I Gotta Question”, with specific links to a few (but not all—I have many) of the blogs I respect.  If you have time to give your thoughts, that would be great.  Better yet, perhaps this could be a prompt for a post on your own site, if you feel so inclined.  (If so, please do link to me so I don’t miss it!)

Question:  How does this apply?  What does it look like? 

For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power.

And now for my panel of experts:














If you’re reading this and not included in the list, please also feel free to comment!  And if you haven’t surfed over to the sites in my list above, don’t miss out!  These would certainly be worth your time.

Thanks, all!  —dawnlizjones

I Corinthians 4: 20 Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

Author: dawnlizjones

Tends toward TMI, so here's the short list: guitar and banjo (both of which have been much neglected as of late), bicycling (ibid), dogs, very black tea, and contemplating and commenting on deep philosophical thoughts about which I have had no academic or professional training. Oh, also reading, writing, but I shy away from arithmetic.

20 thoughts on “I Gotta Question (#4)”

  1. As a Christian, I always saw The Kingdom of God more as The Rule or Control or supremacy of God in my life. Living from that center and all other things in line with that center of seeing God and his will, and compass for how I lived out my life and actions.
    Does that help?

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    1. Thank you , but what do you see as “the power”? The word here in Greek is “dunamis”:Definitions: from (1410) ; force (literal or figurative); specially miraculous power (usually by implication a miracle itself): – ability, abundance, meaning, might (-ily, -y, -y deed), (worker of) miracle (-s), power, strength, violence, might (wonderful) work.
      (from Strong’s Conc.) How is this power lived out daily?


      1. Hi dawn, sorry for the delay in answering. As a Christian, I’m sure I would have had the same answer as you. The dunamis of the holy spirit. Now… is a different thing entirely. I’m no longer a believer in christ.


        1. Actually, I gathered that, so I’m interested that you took the time to consider my question. Not being argumentative here, just wondering what circumstances led you to that decision? Lack of evidence? You don’t have to answer, of course. But thanks for your interest in my question.


          1. Hi dawn. As you probably guessed, I have a few posts on my blog dealing with what led me out. Probably too much to bog down your comments section, by over all… I learned that the very foundations of our faith are without evidence and contradicted by the evidence there is. The biggest push came when I learned that archaeology and actual history does not support the slavery of Jews in Egypt, Moses and the exodus and that the book of genesis has no historical or archaeological evidence supporting it. Let alone the stories of creation and the world wide flood told in Genesis are complete myth.
            Visit my posts for a bit more of my own journey. Thx again for allowing my comments. You’ve been kind

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  2. I think the kingdom of God refers to the church on earth (that is the fellowship of believers.) He is the force or motivator driving us. Because Of His love and the price he paid for our salvation, we have a direct line of communication to Him. His Spirit was sent to instill a passion for Him and helps us share God’s blessings with others. It is not just a matter of using the right words, but being reflections of Christ in all that we do. The Spirit is our advocate with that. H is our inspiration and our fire. Our power source, so to speak. If we ask for the Spirit to help us as we go through life, I believe we can set a firestorm of excitement for our God, with his assistance.

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  3. Add a bit with the hopes of sparking other thoughts and comments. In this section of scripture, Paul is showing a bit of ire about some people there who he says are arrogant and all talk. He is defending himself against some of the things they have been saying. He said he is sending Timothy who will speak for him. “He will remind you of my way of life in Christ Jesus…” He says, “some of you have become arrogant and act like I’m not coming.” And when I get there we will see who is all talk and who has the power of God. “I will come to yo very soon, if the Lord is willing, and then I will find out not only how these arrogant people are talking, but what kind of power they have.” Then he makes the statement to which you refer. Basically he is saying anybody can talk but all cannot demonstrate the power to go with their words. We might say “All talk and no action.” Truthfully this is one of the passages that I chuckle about. Our holy apostle gets quite irritated at times and sounds sort of like I might sound in that circumstance. 😀 The whole philosophy about the Kingdom of God, someone else can do a better job than I. All I can say there is that he is talking about a spiritual kingdom, therefore, the power he is talking about is a spiritual power. Not the same as saying when I get there I will knock his block off. 😀 Thanks for an invitation to spout off. 😀

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  4. It seems funny to put me on any kind of “panel of experts” but I am fairly expert when it comes to just a lot of talk. It seems to be a common theme in my writing. I’ve uttered millions of words that exited my mouth and faded into the stratosphere that accomplished nothing. Words can be powerful but by and large, they are composed mostly of hot air.

    In my post that publishes in a few hours, I mention a fisherman that always interrupts the accounts others are sharing of great fishing trips. He interjects the same story of the same fish caught in the same hole over and over again. Sometimes the story has a little extra detail added but it is a tale of what happened once long ago and far away.

    It seems he is waiting for just the right moment to go out and capture that glory again. As a result, he is telling tales while we are out catching fish.

    God’s Kingdom is far more than the tales of old of a God that once did something very spectacular. It is of a living, moving God that is in action right now, imploring us to join him in his pursuit of transforming us from fallen to exalted.

    I’ve been the Christian sitting back talking about what God did and lost sight of what he is doing, and even worse, what he could be doing in my life now. His Kingdom isn’t a historical point in time but it is a culmination of all time, time that never ends.

    Living by God’s power plugs me into what God is doing, it makes me a participant. I’m no longer on the sidelines being an armchair quarterback or a Monday morning coach criticizing and critiquing what everyone else is doing. I am finding my place in the middle of the action.

    I’ll stop rambling and telling fish stories now. Thanks for inviting me to comment!

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    1. “It is of a living, moving God that is in action right now, imploring us to join him in his pursuit of transforming us from fallen to exalted.” Wow! Mike, methinks you have more than you realize. THANKS

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  5. The Kingdom of God is living by God power. One thought ..

    In days of yore, people living in fiefdoms (my kids would tell you I recall this directly) were dependent on the overlord to grant them their rights and property. Their means of living was at the direct discretion of, and protected by, the overlord. To a large degree they were in fact “living by the overlord’s power”. (A very coarse analogy. What can you say? a fallen world is all history has to work with.)

    A better analogy might then be in the pre-fallen Garden, where our original parents understood firsthand that they were living “in God’s Kingdom” (it was just that beautiful) and “by God’s power” (they knew He created them directly and kept their Garden perfect). And as long as they clung to God’s word, power, and love (i.e. “Lived by His power”) in their hearts, they were also living “in His Kingdom”.

    Fast forward .. We’re in the midst of our fallen world; the Garden has been temporarily closed. But the really important things don’t change. Jesus made clear that we are all still created in God’s image, and the individual’s inner heart is still the thing. And just like in the Garden, God’s Kingdom still consists of those people who cling to Him in their hearts and trust in Him (live by / consciously depend on His Power).

    I’m sure there are more profound things to say on the question. But this is my off-hand reaction.

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