Pass (or pass on?) the gluten.

wood 2I frequently have kids come into my office as a school nurse complaining that they have a “migraine”.  I think that term has become a generic reference to a bad headache, sort of like the registered trademark “Kleenex” has come to mean any disposable tissue.  But as any true connoisseur of headaches can tell you, not all headaches are migraines, and not all migraines are even headaches.

But inarguably, true migraines are a pain, in more ways than one, and the triggers can be so very elusive. In my own personal struggle, I even went gluten-free for two weeks—thankfully, it didn’t help. I think most people can’t appreciate how expensive gluten-free diets are! (Not to mention the taste bud reorientation.)

Perhaps it was my beloved tea; so I invested several dollars in varieties of green tea, as well as decaffeinated tea.  Again, no significant improvement. (Yea!  I love my very black tea!)

If you’re a chronic migraine sufferer, you can understand why some of us are more willing to listen to alternative therapies, but I just wasn’t quite ready for the monkey warts and spider wings class of remedies,…not quite.  Finally, it seems that amino acid, tyramine, might be the culprit.  Over two weeks without a migraine!  Exciting!  Hooray! 

question-mark-460868_1920Until about 4 o’clock in the morning, that is.  So, okay, re-evaluate.  What did I eat/do differently yesterday?  Was it the walnuts, or the old tea that had set all day steeping in the pot?  Out of bed, pop the pill, and start the waiting game hoping that it goes away before work.

Without a doubt, it can be the same with old habits and patterns of thinking and reacting.  We have triggers that must be identified and avoided.  And in addition, new ways of thinking and reacting must be forged through discipline and yes, even trial and error.  The big thing is to not allow discouragement to set in and crystalize in our hearts, causing them to “grow cold” and give up, which the Bible so poignantly warns us against.  Instead:

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

For now, as far as the true migraines are concerned, I’ll be thankful for and stay on the daily preventative medication my doctor has given me, but continue to monitor my personal “triggers” and modify my diet and lifestyle accordingly.  More importantly, God help us all to wisely discover our individual “spiritual” triggers while enjoying the preventative measures our Great Physician has also provided.

Here’s to your health! (And will somebody puh-LEZE pass the gluten?!)

Galatians 6:9  Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

Author: dawnlizjones

Tends toward TMI, so here's the short list: guitar and banjo (both of which have been much neglected as of late), bicycling (ibid), dogs, very black tea, and contemplating and commenting on deep philosophical thoughts about which I have had no academic or professional training. Oh, also reading, writing, but I shy away from arithmetic.

21 thoughts on “Pass (or pass on?) the gluten.”

  1. So true! Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately? The jury’s still out), wheat is an issue for migraines. Although they came roaring back after 2 wheat free years, an accidental wheat ingestion confirmed that it still increases severity and frequency as well as tending to cause ocular migraines. Boo. Taking your advice, though, and adding a category to my blog, especially since they are making a very unwelcome comeback. Guess tyramine is next to get the axe…

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    1. Please somehow let me know if you do! I think you could be such an encourager in that area. Just a tidbit of an update: I have started (yet another and additional) new medication and have been migraine-free for 11 days. (Insert smiley-face!)

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      1. Well, I did today, and I plan to post on Mondays about migraine. 😉 But I’m still battling one that keeps simmering and boiling over, so I’m less on top of things than I good be. Wow, 11 days is awesome! What are you taking? I am on amitriptyline currently and had an excellent November and December, but January has been less kind. . .

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  2. I love my gluten. I don’t think I could survive without it. I used to get migraines when I was coming down from a period of stress – like finishing up a show or dealing with other difficult situations. Thankfully I haven’t had one for several years.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your journey! I appreciate the ” trigger ” reference and how important that is.. With my diagnosis of severe depression, therapy work has really helped me with that ” trigger ” process. I will join you in prayer for God to help us all!

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  4. So true! This was awesome.

    I too have migraines, or had them rather. Thankfully they are few and far between today. Sugar is a big trigger for me, especially after 3 pm. Not even a piece of fruit or bread for that matter. It’s almost guaranteed to trigger a migraine the next day. Still others have no problem with sugar…go figure. 🙂

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  5. My oldest daughter has frequent migraines, so I want to tell you I’m sorry you get them. Someone told her to buy an alkaline filter for her water. It has helped quite a bit. I got one too because I have too much acid and get acid reflux. I rarely get it now with the alkaline water.

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  6. My family gatherings are challenging because of food issues–we have one member who is gluten intolerant to the point that her stomach sends food containing gluten back out a few minutes later. We have another who is vegetarian by choice. We have a third who has to limit dairy intake to small doses. And we really can’t afford fresh fruit and vegetables, especially in the winter. Anyhow, I hope that you identify your migraine triggers, and I hope they are something you don’t mind omitting from your diet. J.

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