Pass (or pass on?) the gluten.

wood 2I frequently have kids come into my office as a school nurse complaining that they have a “migraine”.  I think that term has become a generic reference to a bad headache, sort of like the registered trademark “Kleenex” has come to mean any disposable tissue.  But as any true connoisseur of headaches can tell you, not all headaches are migraines, and not all migraines are even headaches.

But inarguably, true migraines are a pain, in more ways than one, and the triggers can be so very elusive. In my own personal struggle, I even went gluten-free for two weeks—thankfully, it didn’t help. I think most people can’t appreciate how expensive gluten-free diets are! (Not to mention the taste bud reorientation.)

Perhaps it was my beloved tea; so I invested Continue reading “Pass (or pass on?) the gluten.”

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