Will somebody get the phone!?

wood 2I don’t mind leaving messages on someone’s phone “mailbox”. I really don’t.  When I’m at work, I can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get in touch with parents to let them know some important info about their child at school.  But frequently, instead of being able to leave a message, this is what I get:

telephone-304080_1280The mailbox is full…

This subscriber has not set up a mailbox….

Or the ever-popular:

This is no longer a working number….

Really? Is school just a disconnect from the responsibilities of parenthood?

Calm down, calm down.  Grace, grace, grace.  I know, stuff happens.  To me as well.  To all of us.

Case in point, when Bob and I finally decided to get rid of our ground line in favor of our cell phones, the phone number that we had had for M-A-N-Y years somehow ended up as the direct line to our banker’s office.  On one (of more than one) of the misdirected calls she received for Continue reading “Will somebody get the phone!?”

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