Think Globally, Act Locally…if ever that were true, it’s now.

wood 2Middle school—what images and emotions just came up when you read that?  Right! 

Math class, an African-American substitute in a lily white suburban school in the 1970’s.  Female, with a class endowed with a fair number of typical jack-ass adolescent males, and she was probably old enough to be their grandmother. 

Before class started, one of said jack-asses thought it might be entertaining to put a sign on her desk that read something like “the KKK welcomes you.” 

Fortunately, one of the girls in the class found out about it, and, standing up in front of her peers, walked boldly up to the desk where the teacher had just found the note.  The girl took it from the desk and, tossing it into the waste can, apologized for the indiscretion and disrespect on the part of the class.  Then she sat back down.  And the math class began.

To this day, I am still amazed.  Not merely at the stupidity and ignorance of the ones responsible.  Not just at the teacher’s gracious response and steady demeanor.  Not only that there were no repercussions for Continue reading “Think Globally, Act Locally…if ever that were true, it’s now.”

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