Here’s to ya, Mitch!!

In celebration of blogger Mitch Teemley’s 2000th follower in re: New Blogger Blues, hat’s off to you, Mitch!  And this one’s for you~~


(In case you haven’t seen Mitch’s amazing site and giggled at his humorous take on life, please do check it out.  If you hurry, you might become follower #2001!)

That “essence of new car”

wood 2Don’t you just love that new car smell?  Or walking into a new house that still has that fresh clean fragrance of, well, prior to kids, dogs, and cats?  Not that I’ve ever had a new car or a new house; I’m a definite “second-hand Rose” (or third, or fourth…), but there is something about newness that makes you want to keep it that way as long as possible.

Until it’s no longer new, that is. 

There’s a truism that says “familiarity breeds confidence”.  The problem is that confidence can degrade into neglect, whether it’s a house or car, or a relationship, or even my own Continue reading “That “essence of new car””

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