Poem in my pocket


Clay Watkins, I can relate to you!  Teaching science everyday to middle schoolers—yeah, that’s my world, too, only I don’t teach, I’m their nurse.  You’re a treasure, and what you do is extremely important, more than you know.   So if you’re reading this today (which is a Thursday, meaning we’re both at work….) my hat’s off to you and all you and your colleagues do!

The name of Clay’s blogsite is: https://makingthedayscount.org  and that should tell you the quality of the content!  (oh, yeah, and my disclaimer….)


Earlier today, I discovered to my dismay,
I had missed an important day.
I looked down into my screen
to discover what I had missed
National Poem in Your Pocket Day.

I didn’t have a poem in my pocket,
It – my pocket that is – was rather empty,
But I smiled, and moved forward,
One foot after the other,
And, made it count, anyway.

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