And when the breezes blow….

wood 2

One of my daydreams is to have a tree house.  Yes, for me.  And I’m still waiting for it.  Is that so wrong?

There was this really amazing tree house when I was a kid; it was more of a neighborhood treehouse, and from my current adult-size perspective, it was probably both illegal (as in trespassing on someone’s land) and not entirely safe, (OSHA would have had a hey-day).  Truthfully, back then I doubt that anyone lost any sleep over it, including the adults.  (One of the few positives I can say about the 1970’s.)

But the tree was stout and strong, and best of all, from a kid’s point of view, really, really tall.  Tall enough to hold three stories of “house”; okay, so the third story was actually the roof of the second, but it sure took me a more Continue reading “And when the breezes blow….”

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