Wounded Tiger


Well, here’s another POWERFUL one from Ancient Skies!  Surely, we are all wounded in different places in our lives, and those wounds are ready to wound others.  Check out Nico’s take on our new identity in Christ, and how God handles the teeth of the enemy that seeks to destroy us internally as well as from without.  

Wounded Tiger

tiger photo from pinterest

I’m sick and tired of this wounded tiger ruining my life

in pain ready to strike back, fangs extended, snarling

at every perceived cut, stone throwing, maybe a spear

sent in the form of a look. The tiger crouches

ready to attack, enough of this nonsense.

Wounds carried as trophies –

retract your claws –

and get out of my life

take your pain with you,

because you don’t belong

here anymore.

I know who I am now.


Poetry © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

THANKS, Nico!  This is fabulous, even for a non-poet like me!  This gets through.

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