Is history repeating itself?

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(Note: I put this out around Christmas-time.  In light of current events, I’d like to put it out there again….)

I am neither a sociologist nor an historian, but the increasingly virulent terrorist events of the past decade seem to rival the ancient and infamous “Christian” Crusades of the Dark Ages.  And dark they were, but definitely not Christian.  The genocide of thousands of innocent Muslims in the name of Jesus was not only travesty but, of greater significance, heresy.  We now know (in retrospect) that this was perpetrated not merely by sincere misguided Christians ignorant of the true message of the Christ they professed to serve, but fueled by the worldly greed for land, power, and by the selfish ambition of many that had little or no interest in the God of the Bible. 

Now for the best part. History also reveals that one of the motivating factors in the cessation of these unholy Crusades was the authentic Christians themselves, those who truly knew the Son ofGod and strove to follow, as Saint Peter wrote, “in His steps”. 

In His steps?  Yes, that was it.  Turning the other cheek, going the extra mile, loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you, and (here it is, whether it’s comfortable or not) forgiving as we have been forgiven. 


But that’s what our Leader says.  That’s our Banner, our Victor, our Peace, our Presence.

My challenge, then, goes out to my Muslim co-habitants on this very weary planet.  We are currently in the throes of another crusade, only they have their own term for it: Jihad, or “Holy War”.  But would you not prefer to learn from our mistake?  Christians sorely dishonored their God by such actions, as it was completely contrary to the teachings of Christianity’s source document.  Is Islam making the same mistake?  If you can answer affirmatively, then it’s up to YOU to do what true Christians did to the Crusades….

…make it stop.  Before any more bloodshed.  Before any more dishonoring of Allah. 

On the other hand, if the teachings of your Prophet are, in fact, to this end, this militant domination of all that is not professing Islam, then please ask yourself if this is what you signed up for.  Is this the religion in your heart?  Is this the truth of Islam? 

All that are professing Christians are not disciples of Jesus Christ.  Words are cheap.  Anyone can say anything, but a person’s honest convictions will be borne out in how they live.  And die.  And love, or hate.

So what is Islam and who is Muhammad, really? 

Islam tragically continues to celebrate new suicide bombings and public beheadings.

I choose to celebrate a Baby born in a stable.

Author: dawnlizjones

Tends toward TMI, so here's the short list: guitar and banjo (both of which have been much neglected as of late), bicycling (ibid), dogs, very black tea, and contemplating and commenting on deep philosophical thoughts about which I have had no academic or professional training. Oh, also reading, writing, but I shy away from arithmetic.

28 thoughts on “Is history repeating itself?”

  1. And dark they were, but definitely not Christian.

    Well said Dawn. The truth of any belief system should not be judged by it’s abuses.

    Ah..that’s a tough one, the call to actually reach out to Muslims and share the Gospel. Hard to share the love of Jesus with somebody you hate, isn’t it?

    I so get that the threat is real, but I also get that there has NEVER been a better chance to share the Gospel with a group of people.

    Nice stuff.

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    1. Sounds good, Wally, but how? I’m not trying to be negative, but I don’t know what we should do – even as Christians, let alone trying to speak for the nation and the law enforcers? Of course, top job is pray, but is that sharing the Gospel?

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      1. Good question Oneta. I suppose I really meant that we interact with and share with those who are already our neighbors, rather than push them to the fringes more. I get that we have to look out for our safety and security. Does that help?

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        1. It helps that you acknowledge that my question is valid. I am sick to the gills of the PC that demands that we grovel at the pressure of any minority group. It is so that I don’t mention a (you fill in the blank) because I don’t know what to call him/her without being labeled racist. One of the most negative professional situations I got into was because I treated a member of a minority exactly like everyone else. I completely forgot she was “different,” but she didn’t forget! Oh, my, I’m even very cautious about sending this. Maybe this blogging avenue will help. I have no idea whether or not I have Muslim readers. I hope so. And do I follow any? Should I actively seek out a Muslim community of bloggers? That is certainly not something I will likely do. I will probably not do that for the same reason I do not seek out others groups because I am not interested in the same things that interest some groups. When I do seek or respond to followers who do not seem to be “down my alley,” I pray about it. In particular, I am referring to bloggers who use shall we say “coarse” language. I even had second thoughts about the post I wrote called Kindness Amidst the Forgotten. I didn’t know whether to describe them as disadvantaged or not. To not use the word “ugly” was a no-brainer so I said “less than beautiful.” When I used the picture, I was afraid some would quickly laugh at the picture I used to represent my friends. Gotta stop. Thanks.

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          1. No problem and I appreciate you coming by. Reaching out in this way is not for everyone. My main point really, is that we often exclude some people from being targets of our outreach efforts simply because they belong to a certain group. Not everyone wants or is geared towards reaching out to some groups. I have, however, actually been asked by a fellow believer why exactly I was inviting the Muslim fellow in our town to church, because after all…..Hey dontcha know? That guy is a Muslim.

            PC..ha not me…not hardly. Truth it truth, and I don’t show anybody love by putting a spin on the truth.

            Thanks, Oneta, I appreciate this conversation!

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  2. Dawn, I applaud your direct but respectful way of calling out the Muslim agenda. With you, I get it… we as Christians are guilty of many atrocities in the name of Christianity. I am sorry for that. And I am totally committed to loving the Muslim person, but as evidenced in their ‘inspired’ writings… and by external evidence in the world today, this agenda seems to be no friend to a modern respectable society. One has to ask, “Where are the preponderance of Muslim voices who will repudiate the senseless violence and terrorism done in the name of Islam?”

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  3. Dawn, thank you for putting words to what’s been tossing around in my head for weeks. I’ve wondered what I can do….here in this small town in North Alabama…..about any of this. But I do know this: I will love and not hate, I will forgive and not resent, I will not be a slave to fear but with God’s help grow in compassion and mercy. May God’s extravagant love and grace be shown in our lives as we interact with those around us. With everyone around us.

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  4. Blessings on you, and welcome to Virtual Vitamins. More people need to look at themselves and look at Christ (rather than organized Christianity) honestly, as you do. May the Lord use you to move many in that direction.

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  5. Hi Dawn

    The common view of the Crusades is way off kilter. They were not attempting to conquer Muslm lands, but to take back what Muslims had taken from the Christians. All of the Middle East and North Africa were Christian lands until Mohammed and his band ripped and raped through them.

    Here is a good video of the issues I mentioned. In it James White is taken to task – to put it mildly – for defending Islam, and for creating total confusion.

    Within the video there is an except from another video on the Crusades, which is well worth watching.

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