Gettin’ a little crowded in there

babyrobins 4Don’t you think it’s about time for these guys to start finding their own food??  I don’t think mom and dad are going to be able to keep sustaining them (and themselves) much longer, and they’re outgrowing the nest by more than a bit.  Dependence is a comfortable thing, however, and self-sufficiency is hard work, and somewhat dangerous at times.  Just look at what happened to the Israelites during the prophet Samuel’s time—

Backstory: because of the enemy occupation, there were no blacksmiths allowed in Israel.  To sharpen anything, God’s (wayward) people had to go the non-Israelite smithies to simply file an axe or other daily implements.  (As if my kitchen knives weren’t dull enough…)  This was a really smart ploy of the enemy—they were basically in control of the weaponry, which decidedly put the people of Yahweh at an uncomfortable disadvantage.

“So on the day of the battle none of the people of Israel had a sword or spear, except for Saul and Jonathan.”

Unfortunately, our Enemy employs the same tactic today when I allow myself to become dependent on church leadership and the pastoral staff/worship team/Sunday school teachers for my personal spiritual sustenance and the responsibility I have for the effect of the Gospel in my family and community.

Okay, that was a run-on sentence, and back in high school my comp teacher, Mrs. Rose, used to give my red ink for that.  So I’ll break it down.

Point #1:  Any church philosophy that encourages the people to become solely dependent on the leadership team is from the enemy camp.

When one of you says, “I am a follower of Paul,” and another says, “I follow Apollos,” aren’t you acting just like people of the world?  After all, who is Apollos? Who is Paul? We are only God’s servants through whom you believed the Good News.

Point #2: Church leadership is not to keep us in the nest, but to prepare us to fly on our own.  That doesn’t preclude church affiliation (mustn’t take the analogy too far) as it is obvious God expects us to keep up our teamwork and fellowship.  There is, however, a specific call for the church to BE the church, not merely GO to church.

“Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.” 

Even “dumb animals” like robins know when it’s time to grow up and feed themselves.

Or maybe they’re not so dumb after all…?


Samuel 13:22; I Corinthians 3: 4,5; Ephesian 4:11,12  Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

Author: dawnlizjones

Tends toward TMI, so here's the short list: guitar and banjo (both of which have been much neglected as of late), bicycling (ibid), dogs, very black tea, and contemplating and commenting on deep philosophical thoughts about which I have had no academic or professional training. Oh, also reading, writing, but I shy away from arithmetic.

14 thoughts on “Gettin’ a little crowded in there”

  1. “Point #2: Church leadership is not to keep us in the nest, but to prepare us to fly on our own. That doesn’t preclude church affiliation (mustn’t take the analogy too far) as it is obvious God expects us to keep up our teamwork and fellowship. There is, however, a specific call for the church to BE the church, not merely GO to church.”

    Great point. Any set of church leadership, pastors, or teachers that is not focused on discipling maturity in the member is either:

    A. Working to darn hard themselves when they could train others to work.

    B. Trying to maintain control of the body of believers.

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      1. Ha..indeed so Dawn. I think almost anybody willing to word faces burnout because there is so much work to do and so few willing to do it, Pastors suffer especially though, huh?

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  2. Dawn, I was just talking about this last week. We must prepare our kids… natural and spiritual for independence. Our nest of robins on our deck ‘flew the coup’ last week. Seemed like so short of a time from eggs to independence. But one morning we saw them all sitting on the edge of the nest fluttering their wings. A couple hours later they were all gone. Would have been fun to watch them take their ‘maiden’ voyage. The empty nest is a sobering reminder of our rapidly changing lives.

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  3. Oh no, not dumb at all. And yes we are solely responsible for our spiritual growth and to find the tools, people, sources of inspiration, readings, and most of all God to guide us and grow us through it.

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  4. ¿Qué tal?
    Me parece muy acertada tu sentir sobre este esquema. Desde hace tiempo ando
    algo rayado con este tema y también intento buscar toda la información que puedo
    sobre este tema. La participación que has producido me ha parecido muy conveniente, sin embargo creo que se podría escavar un poco más y de igual modo poder desenmarañar varias dudas
    que todavía poseo. De todas formas, muchas gracias por tu tributo.

    Voy a estar interesado a similares manifestaciones que compongas.
    Muchas gracias.

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  5. Superb post however I was wondering if you could write a
    litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
    Many thanks!

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