C’mon, baby, let’s do the twist!

wood 2

Okay, so I’m old.  I don’t actually remember this song except from the golden oldies’ stations, but admittedly, they were still “rockin’ ‘round the clock” when I made my humble appearance on the scene.

But that’s not the reference I’m aiming at.  It’s that twister wind storm time of year here in the Midwest, Joplin being our near neighbor to the south, and Dorothy and Toto living a mere half hour away.  Rumor has it that the National Weather Service out of Kansas City sports the moniker of “Keepers to the Gates of Hell”.  And let’s not forget Oklahoma, (I’m sure Oneta knows what I’m talking about!), the place on the globe with the dubious honor of “most tornadoes”. thunderstorm-65569_1280

So, hey, this season is generally when the  Continue reading “C’mon, baby, let’s do the twist!”

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