Even angels need occasional clean up


Our oldest daughter and her husband had a recent parenting experience.    

I love these.  I call it “payback”. 

Actually, that’s not the main reason I love it.  (Okay, It’s one of the reasons, just not the MAIN one.) 

My son-in-law was celebrating his 40th—really good stuff.  And being the wise parents that they are, they decided to ask precious Auntie Laurie who lives nearby to watch little newly toddling Gracie overnight while Mommy and Daddy took off on a fun and relaxing birthday “date”.  So smart.  So forward-thinking.

And it so didn’t go as planned, at least not quite.  As I told Aunt Laurie, it’s always best to plan on something going awry and then be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t.  (Alternatively, you can wonder what you missed, but that’s not so important until they hit about 5 and up….)

Laurie said everything was going well, even sleeping on the couch so that she was closer to the little angel.  Fine, that is, until she went in to get her in the morning and found that Gracie was lying in vomit.

Poor Laurie!  (Gracie was fine.)  All Points Bulletins out for Mom and Dad, who obviously skipped the intended birthday brunch to come right home, and walked in upon Laurie hosing off the messy angel after another bout of dysentery which was still on the kitchen floor.  Don’t slip.  We’re in here.

Can I get a witness?

Later that day, I got to talk with Mommy-Jessie.  They had had a wonderful time, Gracie was doing better, and the next day Little Angel couldn’t figure out why Mommy—the source of food and comfort—was not allowing her to eat everything she wanted!  And was quite vocal about it.  What gives, Mom? 

So here it is:

“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne.  Unfailing love and truth walk before You as attendants.”

It’s not just that our Lord’s love never ceases, but that His love never FAILS.  Even when He doesn’t seem to provide “like He used to”.  Even when it seems like He’s holding out on us. 

Even when it hurts.

Once Grace got her appetite back and was voraciously hungry and crying for more food, Jess was wise enough to know that they had to go s-l-o-w-l-y.  Her love would have “failed” if she had given her toddler everything she was crying for right then, since her little body (which was still recuperating) might not have been able to adequately process and utilize it, causing her more harm.  It might have satiated her immediate desire, but in the longer (and more important) run, it could have caused more difficulty (for her, and her mother!)

I’m thinking God would rather keep His children healthy than hose us off when we barf all over ourselves…and others. 

Ah, parenting.


Psalm 89:14    Tyndale House Publishers Inc (2008-06-01). The One Year Bible NLT (One Year Bible: Nlt Book 2)

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