Be Lifted!

quillWelcome to another installment of Not My Poetry!  (Somewhat irrelevant disclaimer HERE.)  Now here’s another place on the internet you might find some pretty positive vibe!  I mean, just look at her blog title:


This poem, ah!  This poem articulates my inadequacy to describe a God Who can only describe Himself to us.  And how very grateful I am that He has.  (And that’s not arrogance speaking, but the humble gratitude of faith…)


Father, lift me above the conflict of ideology:

 Religion, philosophy, politics; the Continue reading “Be Lifted!”


quillEvidently, poetry, not unlike prose, can arise in the bosom of life’s epiphanies or adventures, e.g., The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, or even our own Star Spangled Banner. Today’s offering comes from the coffers of my own experience.  I prefer to allow the reader his or her own interpretation:

I wore my socks

And stubbed my toe,

It’s had its knocks,

But now I know:

My toe is blue,

It hurts to walk,

So wear a shoe,

(Like I should talk)

Next week, I will return to those more skilled than I in this fine art.  Perhaps, then, I can walk a bit more.
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