Thar be giants in them thar hills!


My brother and I come from fairly lanky stock.  Jim hovers around six and a half feet, whereas I am a measly 5’12” (at least it sounds shorter.)  If you’re tall like us, you’ve probably heard the jokes growing up.  You know, “Hey!  Can you hear me up there?”  (To which I reply, “No problem!  Hot air always rises.”)  And so on.  Neither of us were particularly athletic.  I remember my basketball coach saying “Jump, Dawn, JUMP!” Jim’s comment was simply, “That’s the problem; we never have to jump…for anything.”

Even now at my tender age of 50+, being a 6-foot woman in a 5’5”-foot woman’s world is still a bit of a challenge, even humorously so.  Standing in a group of women, I sometimes find myself slouching since the level of conversation lingers about six inches below my ears.  I converse somewhat more comfortably when we’re all seated.

I’m not a very intimidating personality, which is probably Continue reading “Thar be giants in them thar hills!”

Marching to the beat of a different Jdembe


One of my childhood memories is that day in grade school when “they” (whoever “they” were) brought various instruments into the classroom for us kiddos to try out.  I wanted to play the drum. Now, I don’t know if it was because this was the mid 60’s and girls didn’t play drums—similar to the thinking in high school where  girls took “home-ec” and boys had “shop”.  Or maybe I was just too scared to ask, but for whatever reason, I didn’t get the drum. 

In fact, by the time I was in 4th grade, I ended up on a violin.  Later on, my parents gave me lessons on the organ (bless their hearts, they really tried).  In early adolescence I finally got my hands on Dad’s old guitar, and with a Continue reading “Marching to the beat of a different Jdembe”

In other words…


Instead, clothe yourself with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

(Just in case anyone is curious, this was taken at Bethel Woods Museum, the original site of “Woodstock”.  Bob and his daughters have, shall we say, a developed sense of humor….)


Romans 13:14  New Living Translation (NLT)Holy Bible. New Living Translation copyright© 1996, 2004, 2007, 2013 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.