Skunk, by any other name, would smell…badly.

IMG_20150103_172451138Epistemology.  Hermeneutics. Higher and lower textual criticism.  Big words that describe the study (in one sense or another) of God, trying to answer questions like: Does God exist?  What is He like?

I would like to posit my additional contribution to the discussion: Humor.  Who but a creatively funny Deity could conceptualize the duckbill platypus?  I see Adam now, while he was naming all the animals:

“What was He thinking??”  (Adam’s reaction, however, is unfortunately not recorded.)

Here’s another example: the skunk.  Who else would have the sense of humor to create an animal whose main self-defense was to assault the olfactory nerve of its antagonist?? 

(I wonder if this was also the occasion of the first expletive, post-Garden, of course…)

Several years ago, my husband and I were out for a summer’s evening stroll in the Continue reading “Skunk, by any other name, would smell…badly.”

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