When mom ain’t happy…..(you can finish the quote.)


Mother.  The word conjures up all kinds of thoughts and feelings.  For some, it’s Mrs. Walton in a big farmhouse sitting around a harvest table in the midst of the Great Depression.  (For others, it’s just plain depression…sorry about that.)  My mother-in-law wasn’t against apple pie, but hers usually came out of a box in the freezer.  I like to tell my girls (now grown) that if they ever doubt my love for them, just to stick a finger in their belly button, ‘cuz that’s where we were connected for so long, and even tho’ the umbilical cord needed to be cut, the cord to their mom’s heart never is.

AWWWwwwww….okay, may be corny, but true.  (They have told me that I was also not a conventional mother.)  However, as different as we all are in our parenting philosophies, for the most part moms want Continue reading “When mom ain’t happy…..(you can finish the quote.)”

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