Leave it!

picmonkey dog

At this writing, a dear young friend of mine just received her D.A.D.—for the uninformed like me, that stands for Diabetic Alert Dog.  Jay (name changed for privacy and all that, not that she would care) has had several years of being a “brittle” diabetic, indicating that her blood sugars are fairly unpredictable, and she can have a medical crisis with little or no warning in her symptomology. 

That’s scary.   And really dangerous. 

So she has worked hard to be able to purchase her own specially trained D.A.D. to help her in these situations.  It’s been quite a L-O-N-G process, and this month she was able to bring home her personal furry friend and guardian who will be able to smell (that’s right—pretty cool, huh??) when her blood sugar is out Continue reading “Leave it!”

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