A Calm, Relaxed Pace–A Characteristic of A Child of God

If you haven’t found this bloggish friend of mine, you really need to! And this particular post framed in her art hits home for me. Some people feel so sure of their calling for God, which is great. The only thing I’m confident of when it comes to this area of thinking, is that God has called me to be His friend, His daughter, His loving servant and much-loved “bride”, even when branches need to be pruned. And with that as my base, the sky’s the limit!

Doodling Devotionals

What God calls us to cannot be definitely stated, because His call is simply to be His friend to accomplish His own purposes.  Our real test is in truly believing that God knows what He desires.  The things that happen do not happen by chancethey happen entirely by the decree of God.  God is sovereignly working out His own purposes.  —Oswald Chambers

8_5_15_God's plan_#299I have found that when I have my own goals and purposes in mind, life seems out of control, rapidly paced and rarely restful–not to mention, I’m easily let down or discouraged when things don’t go as I planned.  Is it possible that the reason for that is because I’m not being a very good friend to God, I’m not walking with Him or even sitting with Him enough?  Could I be filling my time with “useful branches” of work or even relationships–branches that…

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“We were only 19 and invincible”

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My dad turns 86 next month.  He is the oldest in his family line, the patriarch, or “the Old Fart” as he prefers to call himself.  I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Mom and Dad over the summer and talk, just talk, about different things—family, politics, memories of when I was a kid.  But one the things I like best is getting Mom or Dad talking about when they were “younger”.  I say younger, since Mom and Dad somehow have refused to grow old, despite the inconveniences of the aging process on their physical flesh and blood equipment.

Who knows how the topic came up; doesn’t matter.  Dad began Continue reading ““We were only 19 and invincible””

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