#CarpeDiem …. but I’m gonna need a little help.

Adding to the normal rendition of carpe diem, i.e., seize the day, I like the literal Latin which translates “pluck the day”.  (This is one time I will choose to trust the internet, since I don’t speak Latin.)  I rather like that.  It makes me think of picking apples when they’re ripe to use for homemade pie, or apple sauce, or just plain good snacking.  That is, opposed to letting them fall to the ground and rot.  The apples won’t wait forever to be eaten, so best to pluck while the pluckin’s good.

Opportunities—same way.  Most adults can pretty well relate to that.  But here’s one opportunity that challenges me…constantly. 

Like most working people, I live out of what my brother-in-law calls “two buckets”.  There’s the work bucket, my paying job that helps keep food on the table and clothes on our backs.  Then when I get home, I have other jobs, you know, shopping to keep the food coming and laundry to keep those clothes clean, all that.   Adult life is a life of responsibilities, some of which are chosen, some perhaps not.  Then there’s the fun bucket.  Not much definition needed for this one.  Whether it’s taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon, riding my bike, watching a movie on TV, or a full blown vacation in the Rockies, it matters not—it’s all about one’s own definition.

Now, the really fortunate people (and I suspect they are pretty rare) have these buckets mystically combined, or else the buckets constantly slosh over into each other with no change in water quality.  At this moment in time for me, that is not the case. 

Back to the challenge: I can either fuss about getting water-logged with prune-y skin while treading to keep my nose above sea level in the work bucket, OR I can intentionally ladle some of the fun bucket over…every day. 


I decided to declare my own celebration for each day of the traditional work week.  Check out my personal festivities at the Carpe Diem/Pluck the Day category, and please share some that you come up with as well.  That way maybe we can splash some fun into each other’s work buckets!

Thanks for reading………..dawnlizjones

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